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<body> <p>Sorry your system does not support frames</p> <p><title>Little Red Fish</title> <p>UV swimwear for children to help protect from sunburn. Our sun protection swim suits are UPF50+ and are designed for children of all ages. We have UV swimwear for babies, infants, toddlers and kids up the age of 14.</p> <p>KEYWORDS<br/> UV protection swimsuits, UV protection swimwear, UV swimsuits, UV swimwear, baby sun protection, baby uv swimsuit, bathing suits for kids, children's bathing suits, children's sun protection suits, children's swim suits, children's swim wear, children's swimsuit, children's swimsuits, children's swimwear, childrens uv swimwear, infant sun protection, infant swimwear, infants swim wear, infants swimwear, kid's swim suits, kid's swim wear, kid's swimwear, kids bathing suits, kids sun protection, kids swim suits, kids swim wear, kids swimming suits, kids swimsuit, kids swimsuits, kids swimwear, kids uv swimwear, rash guards, sun protection bathing suits, sun protection children, sun protection for babies, sun protection kids, sun protection suits, sun protection swim, sun protection swim suits, sun protection swim wear, sun protection swimsuit,sun protection swimsuits, sun protection swimwear, sun protective swim wear, sun protective swimwear,swim suits for kids, swim wear for kids, swimming suits for kids, swimsuit for kids, swimsuit for toddlers, swimsuit uv, swimsuits for kids, swimwear for kids, swimwear for toddlers, swimwear kids, swimwear toddlers, swimwear uv, swimwear uv protection, toddler bathing suit, toddler bathing suits, toddler girl swimsuit, toddler girl swimwear, toddler swim suits, toddler swim wear, toddler swimsuit, toddler swimsuits, toddler swimwear, uv bathing suits, uv protection children, uv protection kids, uv protection suits, uv protection swimsuit, uv protection swimwear, uv protective swimwear, uv swimsuits, UV protection swimsuits, babies sun protection, children's sunsuits, children's swimwear, kids swim suits, kids swim wear, kids uv sunsuits, protective sunsuits, sun protection swimsuits, uv suits, uv sunsuits </p> <p><strong>Little Red Fish</strong><br/> PO Box 144, Greenhithe, North Shore<br/> <a href="" class="blackLink"></a></p> <p>Phone 09 413 5055<br/></p> <p>Website by <a href=""></a></p> <p>Design by <a href=""></a></p> </body>